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Automated Callling System Information

District 155 utilizes an automated calling system to alert families of urgent situations. If a school cancelation is necessary because of weather or should an emergency situation present itself during the school day, an automated phone message will be delivered to parents. In most situations, including “snow days,” the system only calls each family’s primary number as listed in Skyward Family Access. Generally, these are calls that occur outside of the regular school day. An emergency weather closing call usually goes out between 5:00-6:00 a.m. For other emergency situations that arise during the school day, we will generally call all phone numbers associated with our students to ensure that we reach parents. This will include any mobile or work phone numbers you include in a student’s Family Access profile.

Thankfully, it is rare that we need to utilize this system to that extent, but having it in place gives us the confidence that we can reach you should instant communications become necessary. Please be sure that you have included the correct phone numbers in Skyward. A helpful video tutorial is available on this page.

In the case of snow days, we will supplement the automated call by posting a message to the district and school homepages, our official Twitter account, and various non-school sites (newspapers, radio/TV stations, etc.). It is always best to check the school’s hompage or official Twitter account to ensure that non-D155 sites are relaying correct information about closings. If you are in a situation where your child spends time in two households during the school week, please note that the automated system only contacts the primary phone listed for that student in Family Access. If your child is not at your home when the call comes in, it is incumbent on the parent who has received the call to inform your child of a school closing.

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