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​District 155 Safety

At District 155 and its schools, we make your child’s safety our number one priority each day. We understand our role in returning your child safely at the end of each day. We know that students who feel safe are more likely to find success in school, so we strive to provide a secure environment by focusing both on preventative measures and a comprehensive crisis response plan.

As it relates to schools, there are many elements to school safety including:

  • Building Security
  • Social-Emotional Well-Being
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Wellness & Nutritional Health

District 155 has programs and personnel dedicated to addressing each of these areas. The complete scope of these programs is greater than can be described on these pages, but the information below provides some background information.

First and foremost, please be aware that students and parents play an important role in keeping our schools safe. If you are aware of an issue, we ask that you report it to the school or district. You can do so through the link in the column at right. While you can provide feedback anonymously, it is always best to provide us with a name or contact information in case we need clarification or additional information.

Beyond the existing programs aimed specifically at students, the district offers training to parents about a variety of topics including healthy relationships, bullying, suicide, nutrition, study skills, and other related themes at its annual Parent University. Hosted each year in February, the half-day event is a great resource for parents regardless of their student's grade in school.

Building Security
District 155 buildings feature limited and secured access points for visitors. People may only access the buildings through these secured doors. Visitors during regular school hours must surrender government issued identification that will be scanned against a criminal offender database and will not be returned until the visitor leaves the building. More information about the visitor check-in procedure is available here.

Each District 155 school has a school resource officer (SRO), a police officer who has undertaken training specific to working in a school setting. For our schools, the SROs are full-time members of the Crystal Lake or Cary Police Department. These police officers are present to secure our buildings, investigate incidents at the school, and maintain order. Their efforts are supplemented by D155 personnel including the deans and vice principals.

Other safety measures in the schools include video surveillance across all of our properties, a full-time security guard (in addition to the SRO), and visible employee, substitute, and visitor badges. Our staff utilizes keyless access points to eliminate physical keys from circulating.


The district has a strong focus on preparedness, and completes safety drills (which exceed state mandates) several times throughout the year.

Social-Emotional Well-Being
District 155 employs a full team of certified staff members who are equipped to work with adolescents. This team includes school counselors, social workers, and school psychologists. Additionally, many teachers and administrators have completed specialized training to assist with students’ well-being. Adolescence can be a difficult time of adjustment for many high school students, so the district strives to support students through this period of maturation so that students can learn about themselves and become productive citizens of the world. These efforts pay dividends in the classroom as students who are emotionally comfortable are able to better focus on school work and academic success.

Conflict Resolution
As bullying remains a hot topic across the nation, District 155 continues its long history of mitigating and resolving conflict between students. District 155 and its schools take this issue very seriously and have many programs in place to minimize occurrences, de-escalate conflict, and respond when a student is victimized. Our goal is to anticipate and create programs in advance of issues rather than as a reaction to them. A list of many of the existing efforts is included here. In addition to ongoing programs, we regularly bring in speakers to address bullying. These include recent visits by Sarah Migas from the Attorney General's office who addressed students about cyber bullying, and Keith Hawkins who discussed the importance of positive actions.

Wellness & Nutritional Health
District 155's wellness efforts aim to keep students healthy so they can maximize their brains' capacity to learn, stay free from illness, and have the energy necessary to participate in the many extracurricular activities we offer. A healthy student is less likely to miss school and will be more focused when present. District 155's Wellness Committee has implemented greener cleaning supplies, reduced allergens present in the schools, and solidified physical fitness requirements.

Further, District 155 addresses nutritional health in two ways. First, we offer information about healthy habits to every student through the mandated sophomore health curriculum and in physical education courses. This includes information about both foods and drugs. Second, our cafeterias offer healthy options including a fresh fruit and veggie bar with all meals. Foods are seasoned with spices instead of sodium, and our breads and rolls are all made with whole grains or whole wheat. We also offer vegetarian meals daily. The district is in full compliance with the national school lunch program standards for healthy school lunches. Additionally, District 155 parents may monitor their child's food purchases. This is especially important for students with food allergies and sensitivities who need an adult's assistance to monitor food choices. It also affords parents an opportunity to discuss healthy choices with their children.

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