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Guest Check-In Procedure

In an effort to increase the security of our buildings, District 155 utilizes a visitor check-in procedure at all schools. Each guest must present a government-issued ID card during regular school hours and wear a lanyard and guest badge during his/her visit. This ensures that authorized guests are immediately identifiable to students and staff. As part of this procedure, the school holds the visitor’s government-issued ID until the guest checks out to leave this building. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver’s license, state ID card, or passport. Additionally, we scan all visitor IDs against the national offender database to help us identify potential threats.

Because all guests enter and exit through a controlled entry point—each building’s main entrance—we are able to track who is in the building at all times. This is important information to help keep our schools safe, and will be shared with first-responders should an emergency arise.

There will be no exceptions made to this procedure. To be granted access to the building, all visitors must present a government-issued ID. We ask that all visitors during regular school hours cooperate with this process in order to help us maintain school safety.

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