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District 155 invites all current parents and those who will have a freshman in the Class of 2022 to the

10th Annual Parent University
February 17, 2018
Host School: Cary-Grove High School

Parent University is District 155’s premier event for current and future parents. With expert presenters from the community and district, Parent University provides practical information to help parents successfully guide their children through the high school years. The event is free and open to all current District 155 parents and those who will have a freshman in the district’s Class of 2022.

8-8:30 a.m.​Registration
​9:40-10:30​Session A
​10:40-11:30​Session B
​11:40-12:30​Session C

​Registration Information

***Registration information will be emailed to all parents and available online January 8, 2018.

Please note:
  • Parents are welcome and encouraged to take separate courses so that you can get the most out of Parent University.
  • Courses are filled on a first-come, first serve basis. 
  • Please choose options for each session. Every effort will be made to accommodate your first choice, but occasionally your second option may be used.
  • Your final schedule will not be available until the morning of Parent University.
  • You will not receive a confirmation of your registration prior to attending the event.
  • Walk-in registrations are welcome where space permits.
2018 Parent University Courses
A tentative course selection is listed below​. The course booklet will be finalized by January 8, 2018. Please click on the speaker's name to view biographical information.

Keynote: TBD

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Speaker: Judy Fitzpatrick
​This session will explore ADHD and how it manifests itself in the school environment. You will learn current assessment and treatment models, school strategies, and other tips to help you advocate for your child. 
​Anger Management

Speaker: Dan Blair

​When situations get out of hand, it can be difficult to control your own temper or disarm your child’s. This session will offer pointers on how to overcome the frustrations that can escalate to anger issues.
Post Secondary Options - Freshmen/Sophomores

Speakers: Paul Lichtenheld & Samantha Allen

In this session, we will discuss the importance of getting involved and picking classes for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Parents will also get to see example 4 year plans and what their students will complete in their seminar classes.
​The College Process - Juniors/Seniors

Speakers: Paul Lic​htenheld & Samantha Allen​​

​A District 155 expert will provide guidance and information about the college process for junior and senior parents. This will include available resources to help parents and students at the school, on the Web, and in the community. 
A Day in the Life: Navigating the School System

Speakers: D155 Panel
​A panel of District 155 experts including a guidance counselor, school nurse, dean, and social worker will walk parents through important issues faced by students. The panel will cover topics like how to help your student research post-high school options, access health information, and rebound from bad grades along with how parents can work cooperatively with the school to help your child. The panel also will answer parent questions.​
​Dealing with Teen Depression

Speaker: Hal Fillian
​Learn to identify and cope with the types of depression which may impact a teen’s life. The session will deal directly with these this condition and touch on suicide education and prevention.​
​District 155 Web Resources: Naviance

Speakers: Tammy Freund & Mike Collins
​Naviance is an important online tool offered to parents and students. The resource includes information about career paths, college courses of study, scholarships, and other helpful information about applying to schools. A District 155 expert will walk you through the system.​
​Financial Aid & Scholarships

Speaker: Ina Weiskopf
​As college costs continue to rise, funding a college education becomes more of a challenge each year. This session will introduce you to the basics of financial aid to inform you of the options that exist for you and your child.
​​Healthy Relationships and Teen Sexuality

Speaker: TBD
An expert will provide valuable pointers on how to communicate with your son or daughter about sex and setting healthy boundaries in relationships.
Helping your Students through Social Conflict

Speakers: Daren Dusenske & Missy Berg
This session will give parents strategies to help their teens through social conflict and more severe and intentional mean behavior.
​High School 101 

Speakers: Missy Berg & Rebecca Saffert
This question and answer session is geared toward current 8th grade, freshmen, or transfer parents. District 155 representatives will answer your questions about what to expect as your child transitions to high school. 
Legal Issues at Home and on the Road

Speaker: Officer Zac Morse​
From unsafe new-driver tendencies to legal liability for parties hosted in the home, an expert will provide best-practice strategies and safety precautions to protect you and your student. The session will shed light on teen driving laws and other legal issues that may impact your family on the road and in the home. 
Our LGBTQ Children: Questions & Answers Families of LGBTQ Youth

Speakers:Tamara Jazwinski, Toni Weaver, & Nat Duran

  • Support for families, allies, and people who are LGBTQ in D155
  • Education for ourselves, and others, about the unique issues and challenges facing people who are LGBTQ
  • Advocacy resources  in our communities that support changing attitudes and creating policies and laws that achieve full equality for people who are LGBTQ
Overcoming the Rigors of High School with Good Study Skills

Speakers: Todd Evans & Mike Sayre​​
Whether your child is moving from middle school to high school or transitioning to more advanced high school courses, the rigors and course load can become overwhelming. An expert on organizational skills and studying will help empower parents to help their student succeed in District 155 and beyond. 
​Parenting with Equity 

Speaker: Mark Myers & Janet Myers​
Parenting is hard work. Add in multiple children and it becomes even more complicated. Expert presenters will discuss ways to discourage unhealthy sibling rivalries and encourage fairness and consistency in your parenting. 
Initiating Conversations about Drugs & Preventing Substance Abuse

Speaker: Rebecca Jaster
Learn to identify warning signs of “gateway drugs” and about the growing epidemic of heroin use. The speaker will provide you with developmental assets to prevent substance abuse.
Surfing Safely & Other Internet Issues

Speaker: Madelyn Burbank

As teens become more connected to the Internet and cell phones, new issues continue to emerge. An outside expert will explore safety issues including safe surfing habits, cyber-crimes/stalkers, and “sexting”—using a cell phone to share lewd pictures.
​Teens and Anxiety 

Speaker: Ashley Senderak
This session will explore the many pressures that teens face today. Learn how to identify signs and symptoms of anxiety and the existing treatment models. We also will look at how anxiety can manifest itself in a school setting.
Understanding the 21st Century Connected Classroom

 Matt Timmerman
Today’s classrooms utilize new technologies and methods to teach 21st century students. This session will explain how District 155 teachers use technology so that parents better understand what their children are experiencing each school day.
What Teens Tell Us: A Look at the Illinois Youth Survey

Speakers: Missy Berg & Patti Secrest
Every other year, students across District 155 and the state take part in the Illinois Youth Survey.  This session will give you insight into what teens tell us about their lives.  While the other sessions provide you with information about how to handle certain situations, this session will give you the real-time knowledge of what high schoolers encounter each day related to school work, drugs, alcohol, sex, bulling, and even their parents.
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