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​​​Bus Routes​
Bus transportation is provided for all students who live 1.5 miles or further from school. Each student who qualifies for transportation must sign up for service when registering each fall, in the event that bus transportation may be needed. Should a student fail to do this, but need to utilize this service later, a temporary bus pass may be obtained through the student's school's main office. In these special situations, a parent must make this request.

​Students are required to follow all District 155 policies and procedures while utilizing bus transportation. These rules may be found in the student handbook and board of education policies (links at right).

​​For information about bus routes and service, please contact the transportation office at
(815) 455-0558.​​​​​​
Community High School
District 155
1 South Virginia Road
Crystal Lake IL 60014
Phone: 815-455-8500