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D155 News

Oct 04
Two District 155 Students Earn Perfect Scores on ACT

​​Daisy Kucharski, a Prairie Ridge High School junior, and Aditya Khandeshi, a Crystal Lake Central senior, both earned perfect scores on the ACT the first time they took it. The students learned about the rare accomplishment over the summer.

“The scores come out at midnight, so I stayed up with my mom to get my scores right away,” said Daisy Kucharski, Prairie Ridge High School junior.

Daisy earned a 36 the first time she took an official administered ACT, she prepared by taking almost every practice test that was available to her.D.kucharski.jpg

“I already started out with a high score on my first practice test, so I just did a practice test every Saturday and drilled any concepts that I didn't understand from the test throughout the week,” said Kucharski.

Kucharski is taking four Advanced Placement® classes along with an honors class this school year. She is also in acappella, beginning treble choir, math team, scholastic bowl, and this year she is joining set crew and Science Olympiad.

Aditya Khandeshi, a Crystal Lake Central senior, also scored a 36 on his first administered ACT. The senior says he developed a strategy while preparing for the exam. A.Khandeshi.jpg

“I tried to work on spots that I felt like was lacking in by looking at a ton of different practice tests and questions to get exposure to the different things I could be asked on the test,” said Aditya Khandeshi, Crystal Lake Central High School senior.

Only around one-tenth of one percent of all test takers earn the top score.

“It's a very gratifying feeling to see your hard work pay off in the way you wanted it to, and to be able to prove to yourself that you can do what you put your mind up to,” said Khandeshi.

Aditya has a busy senior year. He is involved in Science Olympiad, math team, WYSE team, scholastic bowl, and the vex robotics team at Crystal Lake Central. He is currently exploring what college he will attend and what subject he will study.

Daisy will take the SAT in October. As for her future plans, she is interested in the STEM field, but is still open to other career paths. ​


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