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D155 News

Feb 10
Architectural Design Students Sketch Ticket Booths
Ten Prairie Ridge students enrolled in Architectural Design will soon see their vision come to life. They presented their conceptual models for ticket booths to administrators on January 26 and to the PR Booster Club on February 22.  Students worked first semester researching, planning, and creating the design for the ticket booths. They asked for approval to move forward with constructing the ticket booths, which they will build during second semester.

archdesign.jpgCurrently, school personnel use folding tables at the entrance of athletic games and events to collect money and distribute tickets. Students designed mobile ticket booths that feature a structure that could withstand weather, and include windows for ventilation and transactions, a light and heat lamp, and electrical outlets. It is also designed to have a door and counter inside with a stool so school personnel could sit or stand.

“We wanted that mobility factor so it wasn’t a permanent structure, so you can move it from the football stadium to the soccer fields or baseball fields,” said Joe Perhats, a Prairie Ridge student.

Students showed renderings of each part of the ticket booth and explained the materials they will use to build each booth. They will use their own blueprints to construct the ticket booths.

“This is hands-on professional experience and it’s providing archdesign2revised.jpgsomething useful and needed for their school. They are gaining lifelong skills through the design and construction process,” said Nick Low, Prairie Ridge teacher.

Construction is expected to take all of second semester. They will utilize a custodian for his skills and expertise in electrical work. Students may also solicit help from the woods course. Administrators are working to secure funding for three ticket booths.


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