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May 15
Cary-Grove Students Perform for Published Authors & Peers

Students joined published authors and faculty on stage for the third annual Writers’ Day at Cary-Grove High School.  Writers’ Day showcases students and professionals; it’s an opportunity for students to hear from their classmates and authors. Erin Palmero, a freshman, performed a poem for her peers at her first Writers’ Day and said she felt accepted and welcomed.

“It’s about sharing your feelings and no one is judging you. This was an opportunity to give kids who are more introverted, a voice.,” said Erin Palmero, a Cary-Grove freshman.


Poets Corey Dillard and Adam Gottlieb performed original pieces. Gottlieb was featured on the documentary Louder Than a Bomb. Both poets are part of the Teen Writers and Artists Project (TWAAP) which encourages artists to continuing writing. Dillard and Gottlieb offered a TWAAP workshop for a limited number of students at Cary-Grove. Students wrote a poem about their identity and were highly encouraged to share. CGwritersday.jpg

“I loved hearing those poems that the students wrote and I loved that the faculty also read some poems, leading by example,” said Gottlieb. “Some of the shy kids get to shine in ways that people have never seen. There is a community and resources out there for poets and being part of a community is so important.”

Students in Creative Writing recently completed the poetry unit. Creative Writing teachers motivate their students to perform their poetry on stage during Writers’ Day.  

“You see them shaking, you see how nervous they are, you see them put their heart on the stage. It is the most amazing thing to me,” said Sharlene Montgomery, Humanities Division Leader at Cary-Grove.

Montgomery organized the Writers’ Day event. Writers’ Day was created at Cary-Grove with inspiration from Fremd High School’s Writers’ Week.



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