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May 15
Cary Grove Wins 2nd Annual Cooking Challenge at Mchenry County College

Students from Central, South, Cary-Grove and Prairie Ridge competed in a cooking competition at Mchenry County College on May 11. Four teams competed with four members on each team and had an hour-and-a-half to cook and serve four dishes to a panel of judges.

“Timing was everything,” said Cameron Deleon, senior at South High School.

Deleon and his group members cooked a seared pork with sauteed onions on top with a potato salad Hawaiian style and stuffed mushrooms. Similar to the cooking program, Chopped, these culinary students had to use two mystery ingredients, pork and mushrooms

“Figuring what to make was the most difficult part,” said Erin Hollister, Cary-Grove student.MCCcooking.jpg

Cary-Grove High School won first place cooking cuban pork with summer salad. Prairie Ridge High School won second cooking seasoned pork with sauteed veggies and garlic mashed potatoes. The plates were judged on organization, use of ingredients, creativity, and flavor.

“The judges have culinary knowledge and backgrounds to really provide the students with good feedback,” said Courtney McKnight, Cary-Grove culinary teacher.

First and second place teams won trophies. The first place team also took home a new edition cooking textbook required for culinary students at MCC called OnCooking. The MCC cooking competition exposes students to the culinary program and helps them see a future in culinary arts.


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