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D155 News

May 16
Twelve D155 Teachers Earn National Board Certification

Twelve District 155 teachers have earned their National Board Certification by completing a rigorous performance-based assessment of their skills and knowledge. The National Board recognizes this certification as a gold standard for teaching that benefits student learning. The following recipients include:

Missy Berg, Aaron Cummins, Danica Esquivel, Devin Hester, Kristine Hester, Matt Rogers, Melissa Shasteen, Stephanie Sukow, Elizabeth VandeMoortel, Karah Veldhoff, Andrew Wagner, Patrick Whalen.

“The National Board Certification process challenged me to be more reflective in my practice and examine student growth from a variety of perspectives,” said Stephanie Sukow, National Board Certification recipient.

Board-certified teachers must complete four components; assessment of knowledge, reflection on student work samples, video and analysis of teaching practice, and documentation of the impact of assessment and collaboration on student learning. This certification identifies qualified teachers in their field, much like the certifications earned by experts in law and medicine.

“I really enjoyed self-evaluating what I was currently doing in groups, in the classroom and with individual students and making changes I felt would better engage my students,” said Missy Berg, Prairie Ridge High School counselor.

Illinois is ranked 6th in the nation for the total number of National Board Certified Teachers. In District 155, a total of 19 teachers and staff have earned this certification.

“At times, I would equate this experience to pursuing a Master's degree. The time and commitment to completing components felt similar to taking courses. Again, working with colleagues made the time commitment more meaningful because I had people to encourage me along the way. I am grateful to D155 for putting together this program,” said Sukow.


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