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Mar 01
Efficiency Study
The following Efficiency Study report provides District 155 and our stakeholders with objective data regarding operational efficiencies throughout the organization. Community High School District 155 is currently experiencing declining enrollment, and this trend is forecast to continue into the foreseeable future. Additionally, given the fiscal condition of the state of Illinois as well as future anticipated District 155 operating deficits, the Board of Education proactively approved the Efficiency Study to be used as a tool for future planning. The board uses many tools like budget projections, population studies, etc. to determine how to effectively govern in the future. The recommendations serve as a guide to the board and does not necessarily mean action will be taken.

In April 2016, the board selected MGT of America to perform an Efficiency Study to analyze and evaluate the operations and facilities of District 155, to identify possible areas of organizational efficiencies, and to make recommendations to the administration and the Board of Education regarding such efficiencies. The negotiated cost of the Efficiency Study was $76,530.

MGT of America began its research in August 2016 by reviewing and verifying fiscal and enrollment projection data. A second phase of review included onsite visits at each of District 155’s buildings to analyze staffing, class scheduling, instructional programs, and operations. Site visits were conducted September 20 - 24, 2016.  Since that time, MGT of America has taken that data and incorporated it into a full report, released in February 2017.

It is important to note that the recommendations expressed in the Efficiency Study report are those of an independent consulting group. This study is meant to be used as a guide to help District 155 administration with future planning in an effort to protect the quality educational system we currently have in place.

The independent report by MGT of America includes recommendations regarding:

Eliminating district and school administrator positions based on 7-10% enrollment decline
Closing district office and Haber Oaks Campus based on 10-20% enrollment decline
Closing Crystal Lake Central High School based on 15-30% enrollment decline

The recommendations listed above are not from the administration and actions advised by this report would be vetted by the entire organization. Major changes within the district that impact students, staff, and taxpayers will be made public prior to any action by the administration and the Board of Education.

Links to the report and February 21 board presentation are below:


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