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Mar 01
Open for Business: STRIVE Students Sell Chalkboards
“Thank you for shopping,” said Sam Mack.

Thirteen students in the STRIVE program handcrafted 23 unique chalkboards to sell to Prairie Ridge staff on March 8. Students practiced customer service skills and managing transactions. The price range for chalkboards was between $1-$12.

IMG_7201.jpg“You can use it to write down things we do in STRIVE,” said Cameron Baranowski, who was asked what to use it for by a customer.

Students began the project in the middle of November. STRIVE partnered with Savers and On Angels’ Wings. They provided the frames. Students repurposed old frames by painting each frame with different colors, antiquing the frame, and using chalk paint to cover the glass. The chalkboards sold out.

“This project provides students a hands-on learning opportunity and allows them to practice skills in an authentic way,” said Haley Roeder, special education teacher.

The STRIVE program hosts three or four sales events every IMG_7232.jpgyear creating a different craft each time. In October, STRIVE sold magnets they created for 25 cents to Prairie Ridge students. The chalkboard project is the second sale this school year, and the students will wrap up the school year with a Mother’s Day craft.

“We try to make quality items that people would buy in a store. In the past, we have made wooden planter boxes and wreaths. Every event we have had so far has sold out,” said Roeder.


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