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D155 News

Apr 24
D155 Students Face Off in Marketing Challenge
Students from all four D155 high schools participated in the second D155 Marketing Challenge at Cary-Grove High School on Friday, April 21. Two teams from each school competed and were given a real marketing case. The Crystal Lake Chick-fil-A sponsored the event and provided the teams with the challenge to create a marketing plan and a marketing campaign to increase catering sales by one percent. Student groups were given guidelines, and had ten minutes to present their plan. Presentations included promotions event marketing demographics event marketing action plan.

Crystal Lake South students won the first marketing plan challenge. This challenge was to increase sales for Chick-fil-A on a school’s assigned date. Students, parents, school staff, and community members could participate. Those who went to the restaurant had to say the school name and the total sales were accumulated.

The second marketing challenge was to create a visual and oral marketing campaign to increase catering sales. Cary-Grove team five won first, Crystal Lake South placed second, and Cary-Grove team one placed third.

The judges were J.D. Willis, Leisa Willis, and Christy Erickson Anderson who either own or are responsible for the operation of two area Chick-fil-A franchises.

D155marketingchallenge.jpg“We found that every team had stand-out elements to their presentations which gave us fresh ideas and innovative concepts to apply to our business.  We were very impressed at how well the event was orchestrated, which is a testament to the caliber of students and faculty in D155,” said J.D. Willis, Chick-fil-A Crystal Lake Owner/Operator.  

This is the first time students organized and ran the event. Samantha Briggs, a senior marketing intern at Cary-Grove, was tasked with creating, implementing, and overseeing an event. She was responsible for event planning, scheduling speakers, reserving space at school, implementing the challenge, creating an itinerary, and managing a team of eight marketing event assistants.

“I learned to pay attention to detail. There were so many little things you have to take care of in order for an event like this to happen. One example is chair and table orders, I never knew you had to actually put in an order for that. I also learned that it is always good to have help, and that you can't overwhelm yourself too much,” said Briggs.

She began working on the marketing challenge event in January and spent about three hours a day planning.

“This is a day I will never forget, hopefully another student next year will be the marketing intern, they can use my notes and binder to help them plan it. Then I can sit back in the audience and watch,” said Briggs.


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