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D155 News

Nov 21
D155 Board Approves 2017 Tax Levy and $1.2 Million Debt Service Abatement

There are 22 public school districts in McHenry County and D155 is one of two school districts that had decreased its overall tax extension for two consecutive years. On Tuesday, November 21, the board voted to approve the 2017 tax levy and abate $1.2 million. The abatement limits the increase in property taxes and it will rebate taxpayers through a reduced bond and interest levy. After factoring in the abatement, the 2017 estimated tax extension still should be less than both the 2014 and 2015 tax extensions.

“With the current school funding model in place, the tax levy provides District 155 it’s most stable source of revenue to provide educational programs which benefit all students living in District 155 boundaries,” said Jeremy Davis, assistant superintendent of finance and operations.

The estimated increase for District 155 is 0.4 percent. For a $250,000 house, the estimated increase will cost less than $1.00 per month. Individual tax bills may go up or down based on housing assessments. District 155 has no control over housing assessments or Equalized Assessed Value (EAV).

“District 155 continues to be recognized nationally for the education we provide our students, and we are grateful that our community values a strong education system. We know even a small increase is unfavorable, but a strong school system is an investment in our children, our future, and our community. The small increase will allow the district to remain fiscally responsible,” said Steve Olson, interim superintendent.

With continued excellence of our school district, the district has taken action to remain fiscally responsible. District 155 efficiencies include:

  • Reducing over $2.2 million in departmental and building budgets;

  • Withdrawing from the Special Education District of McHenry County (SEDOM) and bringing programs in-house;

  • Studying the feasibility of moving the District Office or Haber Oaks Campus to Crystal Lake South High School;

  • Obtaining approximately $170,000 through energy efficiency programs;

  • Consolidating and outsourcing the district’s food service program;

  • Revising the exclusive beverage vendor contract with Pepsi to double expected beverage revenue.


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