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D155 News

Jan 30
Student Government Day

Be a Cary Village Official for a Day!

Sponsored by the Cary Lions Club

What is it all about?  Students will run for and be elected as Honorary Village Officials for one day

What Offices are open?  Mayor (1) Clerk (1) Trustee (7) Police Chief (1)

When is it?  Election April 12, 2018;
                     Day Program & Village Government Tour Thursday, April 19, 2018

Who is eligible to participate?  ALL CARY-GROVE STUDENTS!

What do I need to do if I'm interested?

  1. Visit the Social Science Webpage to get your Student Government Packet, choose a position/office and get 30 signatures.
  2. Create a short campaign presentation (video, etc.).
  3. Campaign for your office and encourage peers to vote for you on Election Day!
    If you need more information, see Mr. Holter or Mr. Hoffman.​
  4. The deadline to turn in petitions and video presentations is April 5.​


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