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Mentor Program

District 155 supports a two-year new faculty mentor program.  Mentors will help novice teachers develop skills, improve instruction, and become acclimated to the department, school, and district through the following.

  • ​Based on feedback from both teachers and mentors two meeting times will be provided for protege's and mentors.  These combined meeting times allow for some instruction as well as time for discussion and reflection on topics such as starting the year successfully, planning for Parents' Night, preparing for final exams, and setting goals.
  • Routine check-ins.
  • Pre/post observations (no write up).
  • Observation of mentor.
  • Quarterly conversations guided by prompt from Matt Timmerman, Director of Curriculum & Assessment.

​"The most valuable gift you can give to a colleague is a good example."   V. Estrem, 1993​

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