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RECESS (Reinventing Education: Collaborative Efforts for Student Success)

District 155 offers five sessions of RECESS each school year.  This model will allow the district to support the professional development needs of more of our staff members by tapping into our own local experts on a variety of topics.  There will be a morning session and an afternoon session on each day with 25 teachers being served in each session.  Each division will be able to send one representative to the morning session and the afternoon session for each topic.  Morning sessions will run 1st  through 4th  periods.  Afternoon sessions will run 6th through 9th periods.

Each session will be developed to engage participants at more than an introductory level, incorporate a technology component (if appropriate), and include classroom application.  Parti cipants will be asked to share what they have learned with their colleagues through division meetings and/or through Institute Day activities.

All attendees will also be eligible to receive 3 PD hours for attending the session.  Sign-ups will take place through your DL, so anyone interested in attending a session should speak directly with their DL.

2016/2017 RECESS Sessions 

February 15, 2017        Google Drive & Google Chrome Essentials

March 1, 2017              Google Certified Educator Level 1 Prep

March 15, 2017             Using Google Suite Tools to Help with Efficiency & Productivity

May 3, 2017                 Formative Assessment Tools for a 1:1 Classroom

May 17, 2017               Formative Assessment Tools for a 1:1 Classroom

2015/2016 RECESS Sessions

October 14, 2015           Mastery Manager Online Assessment Module Training

November 4, 2015         Standards Based Grading in the High School Classroom

December 9, 2015         Innovation Leadership 2.0:  Resiliency & the Innovative Mindset

February 10, 2016         Getting the Most Out of Skyward

April 13, 2016               Google:  Simplifying Your Classroom & Using Google as a Supplemental Tool




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