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​​​​​​STRIVE P​rogra​​m​​ ​​​

District 155 recognizes that eac​​h student is unique and has a variety of strengths and needs.  We pride ourselves on being receptive to each student and their individuality.  Using this as our guide we have developed the STRIVE program to assist in meeting the needs of students who require additional support beyond their high school years.

The STRIVE program focuses on the development of the following skills:

· Vocational/Career Development
· Independent Living
· Community Integration
· Safety and Wellness
· Self-Advocacy
· Functional Academics

This program offers support to our young adults by allowing them to practice skills and work towards goals, in various environments, with adult expectations.​​​

S​TRIVE Progra​​m Eligibility​ ​​​

All students in District 155 who are eligible for special education receive transition services and supports throughout high school.  Transition planning must begin at age 14½, and addresses the following areas:

· Independent Living

· Education

· Training

· Vocational Skills

​Throughout their transition planning years, students are exposed to a variety of educational and assessment tools to assist the education team and guide the student to be successful in their post secondary endeavors. 




​During the course of their high school education, the educational team will discuss the educational, training, vocational, and independent living skills outcomes of the student.  If the educational team determines a student is exhibiting  significant deficits in one or more of these areas, the need for participation in the STRIVE program and/or additional supports will be discussed.  This conversation will take place no later than first semester the student's junior  year.

(The education team consists of the student, parents, teachers, case manager, related service personnel, counselors and adult service providers)

P​rogra​​m Overview
​​ ​​​

Students receiving special education services may be eligible to continue their association with District 155 until the day before their 22nd birthday.  Eligibility is dependent upon a student's need for continued support in the areas of independent living and vocational preparedness after completion of a four-year high school program. 

If the student meets eligibility requirements, the IEP team may recommend continued transition services subsequent to completion of the traditional four year high school experience.  The STRIVE Team will review the student's profile and determine appropriate services within the program.


P​rogra​​m Overview
​​​​ ​​​

The STRIVE program is housed at:
Prairie Ridge High School
6000 Dvorak Drive
Crystal Lake, IL  60012

Michele Witt
Special Education Division Leader
Prairie Ridge High School
815.479.0404  ext. 5213

Sandy Whelan
Special Education Assistant Division Leader

Laura Harrison
Special Education Teacher

Kerrie Kurth
Special Education Teacher

Haley Roeder
Special Education Teacher

Jayme Weyrauch
Special Education Teacher​​

Emily Nadeau 
Speech Language Pathologist​​

Sheri Corcoran 
Social Worker​​

Geralyn Mohawk
Special Education Office Assistant​

Students Training
for Recreation, Independence, Vocation and Education


Community High School District 155
Prairie Ridge High School
6000 Dvorak Drive
Crystal Lake, IL  60012

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6000 Dvorak Drive
Crystal Lake, IL 60012
Phone: 815-479-0404 x5214