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​​​​I​nformation On Chromebook Distribution​
Even as we enjoy the summer months, preparations are well underway for the upcoming school year. As you probably know, District 155 will be implementing a one-to-one computing program in the fall. And, in order to ensure that we “hit the ground running”, we will be distributing Chromebooks to all students this summer. We are asking that you bring your student(s) to your home school to pick up a Chromebook according to the schedules below.  Please note that we have over 6000 Chromebooks to distribute, and we want to take the time to ensure that each student feels informed and supported. So, it is important that you come to your school only during your scheduled date and time if at all possible.  

Here are answers to some questions that you may have about Chromebook distribution: 
Q:  What is a one-to-one program, and where can I get more information?
A:  A one-to-one program ensures that each student is assigned a computing device to use as part of his or her educational experience. You can find more information by visiting our one-to-one  home page at

Q:  Why are you distributing the devices during the summer? 
A:  As mentioned, we want to ensure that teachers and students can begin using Chromebooks as soon as the school year begins. Also, distributing the devices to over 6000 students will take time, and we don’t want that time to be taken from valuable class time in the fall.
Q:  What if I can’t come to the school on the date and time that is scheduled for my student?
A:  The schedule includes “make up” dates and times for each school and grade level. There will also be a “make up week” (August 2-7) before our normal registration/distribution day event. As a last resort, students can pick up a device during the registration/distribution day event (August 8-10).  Please note, however, that you are very likely to experience significant delays if you pick your device up after August 2nd.
Q: I have multiple students at different grade levels.  Do I have to come to the school more than once?
A: No. You only need to come to your school once to pick up devices for all of your students. Please be sure, however, to come on one of the days when Chromebook distribution is scheduled at your school. If you arrive on a date when no Chromebook distribution is scheduled at your school, there may be no tech staff present to assist you.
Q: Do parents/guardians need to be present, or can a student pick up a Chromebook on his or her own?
A: While we welcome parents/guardians and prefer that they accompany their student(s), we understand that it may sometimes be easier to adhere to our schedule if students come alone. As such, parents/guardians do not need to be present for a student to receive a Chromebook. 

Q: I have other questions or concerns, how can they be addressed?
A: If you have questions or concerns, please send us an email at Please be sure to include your daytime contact information (email address and/or phone number) so that we can respond to you as quickly as possible.  Please also note that answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our one-to-one program can be found at 
Thank you for taking the time to read this communication. We look forward to providing this additional service to your student(s). And, we appreciate your continued support and active partnership. 
George DiVenere
Director of Technology 
Community High School District 155​​

​Chromebook Distribution Schedule for Crystal Lake Central Students - July 5 through July 18

Chromebook Distribution Schedule for Crystal Lake South Students - July 5 through July 18

Chromebook Distribution Schedule for Cary-Grove Students - July 19 through August 1

Chromebook Distribution Schedule for Prairie Ridge Students - July 19 through August 1

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